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Steps of Service
  • Novelty Research
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How to use

Choose this service before filing a new trademark application.


Included Service Steps

- Defining the trademark element be searched (one item)
- Defining relevant classes of the NICE Classification
- Research for published identical trademark applications and trademarks on professional database search tool
- Evaluating relevant trademarks
- Reporting to client in a written opinion

A specialized trademark researcher will provide the research on a professional trademark database search tool. 


Your Results

You will receive knowledge of identical prior trademark applications and trademarks which were published in the trademark databases of the most important trademark offices of the world.

The expert opinion is provided by a skilled patent attorney. The patent attorney will evaluate the relevant trademarks in detail. The patent attorney will rank the relevant trademarks, name relevant passages of the list of goods and services and estimate prospects of protection in the written opinion. 

You will be able to roughly estimate prospects of successfully registering a trademark.


  • PINAKOS West Europe

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    Country of SupplierGermany

    PINAKOS is a renowned German intellectual property law and consultancy firm in which patent, trademark, design and legal attorneys closely work together with patent engineers and portfolio managers for the benefit of their clients.

    The firm of PINAKOS advises, represents and mediates in all matters of industrial property rights and intellectual property protection. The attorneys at PINAKOS have both legal and technical qualifications and experience. The technical qualifications of the associates range from graduate engineer to graduate chemist. The attorneys have many years of experience working in specialist technical fields. The attorneys and all employees are fluent in several languages.

    PINAKOS is represented with offices in Munich, Berlin, Düsseldorf and Heilbronn. You can find the Munich office near the European Patent Office, the German Patent and Trademark Office, the Federal Patent Court and the District Court. The offices are equipped with modern communications and database technology.

    The firm operates in an extended network together with domestic and foreign lawyers and patent attorneys.

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