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Once you register as a client for free, you can start buying the full range of worldwide iP services.

  • Browse the categories PATENT, TRADEMARK, DESIGN and OTHER IP SERVICES above
  • Use the filters to get to the required iP service
  • Select the various options offered to each service
  • See the fixed price
  • Upload information via our secure transfer system, if desired
  • Add to wishlist and order right away

Your order will be provided by Pinakos, if necessary with the help of a local supplier.

Pinakos will be on hand with help and advice for you all the time

As our client you pay directly to Pinakos. We pay the local supplier as soon as we get your satisfaction notification.


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Your Benefits as a Pinakos Client

Vast range of services

The Pinakos range of IP services consists of more than 1000 different services, from general intellectual property services, such as application filing to highly specialized services like patent drafting. With Pinakos you have one single platform for all your intellectual property requirements.

Best prices, highest quality

Pinakos offers you the best combination of price, time and quality.

Easy ordering

An easy process with just a few clicks from the registration to the finished order – with no barriers or worries. And you only have one contact partner after your order – Pinakos.

Search functions

The unique Pinakos search enables you to limit your search results to a few services using filters. Alternatively, it is also possible to add specific attributes directly in the search field.

Order archive

You can retrieve all of your orders via your order archive in "My Account" at any time.

Reduce process costs

Reduce free-text orders, quotation requests and addition costs after ordering, and thereby cut your process costs.

Use Pinakos on an international basis

With Pinakos you gain rapid and easy access to IP service providers in the worldwide markets. Easily incorporate your own long-standing iP service suppliers.

Standardised order and payment processes

Use our uniform order and approval process. Increase your employees' satisfaction levels and your handling costs thanks to our easy-to-use procurement platform and uniform access for all data and documents.


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