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With 18 years of expertise and know-how in intellectual property, Pinakos GmbH is one of the leading German iP consulting firms. We are working with our clients on the full range of tactical and strategic iP issues.

Our success is the combination of interdisciplinary teams of iP consultants with legal, business and marketing professionals to address the full life cycle of iP.

iP Service Marketplace

Pinakos operates the world’s first e-commerce marketplace for buying and selling the full range of worldwide iP services. With nearly 100 suppliers in more than 150 countries we offer a fast and easy access to global iP services.

Our e-commerce marketplace shows all our expertise and in-depth knowledge about our clients’ needs and expectations and offers a safe, simple and valuable solution for worldwide iP management. 

The team of Pinakos

Monika ZOLLNER (Dipl. Chem.)

iP Consulting, iP Administration


iP Marketing, iP Business Development

Ferdinand H. ROTHKOPF (Dipl.-Ing., LL.M., Patent Attorney)

iP Consulting, iP Project Management

Michael STIPS (Dipl.-Ing.)

iP Project Management, iP Software

Stela VULA (MoE)

iP Software


iP Administration

Kathrin GRAF

iP Administration

Karsten BÖHM (Prof.-Dr., Kufstein University of Applied Sciences)

Academic advisory council

Sebastian DANNINGER (MoE, Kufstein University of Applied Sciences)

Advisory iP software


In Greek mythology, "Pinakos" was the person who was professionally accountable for safekeeping all the know-how within the Greek library.

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